Select an image of your character
scroll down for a complete list of instructions

Here's how this thing works

  1. Click "select an image" at the top of the page and select the image you are basing your costume/props on.
  2. Click and drag to make a baseline measurement. I recommend the character's height, so drag from the top of their head to their feet.
  3. Enter your own height (or whatever was used as baseline) into the baseline length(inches) box.
  4. Click "add line" and fill in the label box for every part of the image you wish to measure then Click and drag to draw the line.
  5. All items in the left side list are selectable. If you need to change anything, select it and redraw the line.
  6. Each item is also removeable, to delete a line, click the (x) in its row.
  7. SAVE YOUR MEASUREMENTS! Sorry for yelling, but you probably don't wanna hit refresh or back and lose all those measurements.
  8. (optional) If you really like the tool and you think its worth a couple bucks, click the shiny button up in the top left of the screen ;) Happy Cosplaying everyone!
  9. Now that you've measured everything you need to know, go make something amazing!

Here's what I'll be working on using the donations

  1. Adding a database to allow people to save and lookup other measurements. This means if you're lucky, you could just search the character you want, change just the baseline measurement and be all set to go!
  2. A clean export process to allow you to get a nicely formatted PDF or image of all the info you need without all the website junk around it.
  3. Restyling, lets face it, the tool is useful but its far from pretty. Also I've noticed that most of the people sharing and commenting on facebook are female so I feel like I should pretty it up for you guys. The current design feels kinda windows 98.
  4. A full fledged Cosplay utility app, for iOS and Droid featuring not only the scaling technologies seen here, but also forums to exchange tips and tricks, an instagram like feed to share all your wonderful experiences, and any other useful functions people tell me to make by the time I get around to it. Or can afford to do it ;)
  5. Hopefully by this point I'll have made the best damn cosplay tools, forums and social media around. Then I'll switch into game design, I've got tons of game ideas in my head, I'm just hoping something like this can pan out so I'll have the time and money to do it.